Competition law and sustainability

The Commission is assessing how its competition policy can best contribute to the objectives of the Green Deal.

The call for contributions

On 13 October 2020, the European Commission has published a call for contributions to determine how the EU competition policy can best support the European Green Deal – the EU Commission’s ambitious package of measures ranging from ambitiously cutting greenhouse gas emissions to investing in cutting-edge research and innovation to preserving Europe’s natural environment, within the overarching goal for Europe to be the first climate neutral continent by 2050.

The Commission’s call for contributions is available here. Its purpose was to gather ideas and proposals from all stakeholders, including competition experts, academia, industry, environmental groups and consumer organisations. The stakeholders were asked a number of questions, grouped into three parts – each covering one of the three competition law instruments: State aid control, antitrust and merger control.

The contributions fed into a conference on 4 February 2021, that brought those different perspectives together.

Results of the Call for contributions (published on 20 January 2021)

The call for contributions closed on 20 November 2020; DG Competition received around 200 contributions from different stakeholders – including from industry, from environmental groups, consumer organisations, as well as competition experts.

189 stakeholders have provided non-confidential replies to the call for contributions. Such replies are available here.

The Commission’s conference

On 4 February 2021, DG Competition organised a conference hosted by Executive Vice President Margrethe Vestager. This conference brought together the different perspectives on the topic of the call for contributions.

The conference recording can be accessed here, and a short video about the call for contributions and conference is available here. Ziegler SAAT is happy to share its notes of the conference – please contact us if you would like to receive them.

If you wish to know more on this topic, please contact Ziegler SAAT here.

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